A couple could earn $ 25 thousand if they survive 30 days without social networks and without the Internet

No doubt the Internet and social networks have positive but also negative aspects, as with all things. On the positive side, these, in addition to opening a wide range to the world of information and knowledge, also allow us to be close with our partner and our loved ones (and more in these times of pandemic).

But in this tenor of personal relationships, one of the great problems of social networks and the Internet is that Perhaps we spend more time on these than on our relationships, or they become an “instrument of control” with other people.

Focusing on this problem that many couples live today, the famous beverage brand Kahlúa has launched a challenge that will award a prize of $ 25,000 dollars to a couple who can survive 30 days without Internet or social networks.

The Kahlúa contest It is called “Stir Up Your Routine” (“Stir Your Routine”) and according to what can be read in the call, what the company wants is “to help couples to break with the mundane and inject more fun into the day to day together.”

That couple who can be apart for 30 days and 30 nights will be awarded such a striking and juicy prize.

Couples who wish to participate in the challenge They will not be able to use the Internet or social networks through a mobile device (tablet, laptop or computer) from January 16 to February 15, 2022. Contestants will receive a box to store their devices.

The only requirements to enter the $ 25,000 contest is that Those who register must be residents of the United States and be over 21 years of age; They must also send a request and upload a video where the lovers must explain how they met and why they want to be part of the challenge.

If you want to know more about the challenge, Click on this link.

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