A man is shot dead in his car in Puerto Rico

A man, identified as Bryan Osorio Soto, 30, was shot to death on Tuesday in the Los Rodríguez sector in Dorado, a crime whose motive and responsibility is under investigation.

The violent death was reported at 8:55 am today at kilometer 0.0 of Highway 679 inland, Los Rodríguez sector, according to the police statement.

A call to the Dorado barracks alerted about detonations in the aforementioned place, where district agents located a white Ford Econoline bus.

The police found the body of Osorio Soto with multiple gunshot wounds in the driver’s area of ​​the vehicle.

At the moment, the motive for this death has not been reported, the investigation of which is carried out by the Homicide Division of the Vega Baja CIC and the prosecutor Carlos Rodríguez.

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