Adamari López to those who say “what does not kill you makes you stronger”: I no longer want more strength

Adamari Lopez

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The Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López began the year saying that he does not want more strength. And it is that in one of his first reels of the year, this format that he took advantage of throughout 2021 and in which he showed several of his attributes with his outfits, he sent a message to those who invented the famous phrase “what it doesn’t kill, it makes you stronger ”.

“To the creators of what does not kill you makes you stronger tell them that I no longer want more strengthIt’s fine there, “said the Puerto Rican, using one of the popular prerecorded audios that applications such as Instagram and TikTok already have.

Wearing a white T-shirt, a blue jean and her hair down, the presenter recorded the audiovisual that so far has garnered 89,970 likes.

“We started recharged this first Monday of the year, my beautiful people”, wrote alongside the post. The comments of the followers in this publication have shown the love and admiration they feel for the Puerto Rican.

During the last weeks of the year 2021 Adamari López received constant criticism from users of social networks, who came to shout for Telemundo and Hoy Día to stop showing so much to the Puerto Rican Well, they were already bored with the overexposure they were giving him.

Likewise, in the Instagram publications of the ex-wife of Toni Costa they also left messages that showed the rejection of the followers before the presenter. This situation was accentuated after Olga Tañon said, and for which she later apologized, that Adamari López had put on a gastric balloon to lose weight. There the followers of the presenter gave the reason to the merenguera and the messages of rejection began to rise.

Despite the rejection she experienced in her social networks, there are those who always defend her from bad comments. What’s more, There are those who have missed her and hope that she will return to Hoy Día on Telemundo soon, Well, he’s still enjoying his end-of-the-year holidays.

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