Antonio Banderas’s “Company” was suspended for possible Covid-19 infections

Antonio Banderas.

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The performances of the musical “Company”, which he directs and stars Antonio Banderas at the Soho Theater in Malaga, in Spain, they were suspended from this Monday, January 3, until the 12th of the same month for possible contagions of Covid-19 in the show team, in the absence of being confirmed by the tests made.

The decision was adopted “to comply with current sanitary protocols and guarantee safety,” the Soho Theater announced in a statement.

The spectators who had acquired their seats for the functions until January 12, if they wish, may be relocated in later days or the full amount of the ticket will be reimbursed. Relocations and returns may be requested through the same purchase channels through which they were purchased.

Likewise, the Soho Theater regretted the inconvenience that this cancellation may cause to the public and assures that it will be “enormously grateful” to receive them again as of January 13.

“Company” by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth premiered on November 17th. It has a cast of leading figures from the Spanish music scene such as María Adamuz, Roger Berruezo, Albert Bolea, Lorena Calero, Lydia Fairén, Dulcinea Juárez, Silvia Luchetti, Anna Moliner, Julia Möller, Paco Morales, Marta Ribera, Carlos Seguí, Rubén Yuste, Nando González, Pepa Lucas, Beatriz Mur, Mariola Peña and Ángel Saavedra.

The play, performed for the first time in Spanish, is set in New York and explores the human being himself, his fears, love or lack of love, talks about the behaviors we show in different situations and events.

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