Carolina Sandoval sends a message to those who envy her: “I’m going to put photoshop on your envy”

Carolina Sandoval started the year by leaving a great statement on his Instagram account, a social network in which it has more than 2.9 million followers. With this particular message “La Venenosa” has sent a message to those who envy her and assured that she is going to put photoshop on them to see them more beautiful and kind.

“People saying that I use pure photoshop, that I use pure filter, make me mad.. Leave envy, what photoshop I am going to put to your envy, to see you beautiful, to see you beautiful, a good person and even kind “Carolina Sandoval detailed in the video that so far has garnered more than 21,155 likes and several laughs from her followers.

“COMMUNICATION 😂 WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN. Signature: The Management ”, he wrote next to the reels, a format that he has used on other occasions, such as when he laughed and wondered what would it look like if it were of another nationality and had a gastric sleeve done The how when she announced her change of look and her arrival at the redhead club.

These are some of the comments it has received:

“How good is this, happy new year 2022! That you keep shining “

“I loved it ahahahahaha”

“But there is nothing else to do to live pending the life of others “

“Here we all use our filter chin jjaaaa even those who criticize the most happy new year blessings “

“What happens is that those people doubt their own beauty and they do not accept that it can exist ”

Carolina Sandoval has been characterized by showing her life frequently on social networks and by speaking without taboo about all the topics she touches. Recently, she wore a rather sensual Christmas outfit that exposed her legs and wore it without any complex, as is usual in her.

“Caro, always be yourself, never change, you are a very special person, each being in the world is different, imagine if everything were the same, a very affectionate greeting ”.

“I love your occurrences.”

“I love this woman, so unique, keep it up Carito, with that beautiful attitude ”.

“Good sense of humor, I love it.”

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