COVID: Report reveals that Mexico is the Latin American country with the most omicron cases

Mexico is the country in Latin America with the most registered cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19, according to the Global Initiative for Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) registry.

Of 94 countries listed on the international platform, until this January 4, Mexico is ranked 21st, being the first in Latin America.

According to the GISAID, and although far from the nations that present the most infections, Mexico has reported a total of 374 cases of COVID-19 where the omicron variant was identified. Chile is behind with 327 infections.

Meanwhile, worldwide, the United Kingdom ranks first with 72,193; The United States in second, with 35,351; and Denmark in third, with a distant 7,233 cases.

Panama, for its part, is the last nation in the ranking of registered countries, since it barely registers a contagion by omicron.

The new omicron variant of COVID-19, explained this Tuesday the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, during the “morning” press conference of President López Obrador, is characterized by manifesting itself through a runny nose, headache, increased presence of phlegm, as well as cough, although, unlike the previous variants, this is not dry.

AMLO denies signs of a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections

Despite the increase in COVID-19 infections, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there is no indication of a fourth wave, so he called on the population not to be alarmed by the new omicron variant, “don’t scare us.”

“It is important that it is known that this new variant is indeed very contagious, but fortunately it is not demanding hospitalization nor do we have cases, and that is the most important thing, the increase in deaths, that people know this, also take care of ourselves, continue taking care of ourselves But do not be alarmed, do not instill us, do not scare us, we will be reporting any situation “.

In his press conference at the National Palace, AMLO was questioned if with the increase in the number of infections there would be indications to think about a fourth wave.

“I would not say that, we have to wait because what we are seeing is that we do not have hospitalizations,” he replied.

He said that only three entities – including Mexico City – register an increase in COVID-19 infections.



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