COVID: Secretary of Health ensures that some cases in children can be treated with teas and paracetamol

Jorge Alcocer, head of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, pointed out this Tuesday morning that in some cases – not serious – children with COVID-19 coronavirus can be treated with teas, paracetamol and ointments such as “vaporub”.

During the “morning” press conference of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the Secretary of Health said:

“I am not pointing out that it is that simple, with teas, paracetamol, with a drug that is very beneficial for this and that is not aggressive in other tissues, and of course the fluidity of the hot medium, what mothers use, the ‘ vaporub ‘and all those things that seem to be inconsequential, also if it is necessary and an infection is identified an antibiotic for it, not for all “.

Jorge Alcocer explained some of the symptoms of the omicrón variant: flu, mucus and cough, but not a dry cough.

“These infections with this variant do not give a fever as marked as the other, they do not give discomfort in the throat as is also noticeableIt does not mean that whoever does not have this or who has it is already a diagnosis, no, it is a counselor, It gives what is the flu, more mucus, discomfort around here (in the throat) and cough, but a different cough, it is not a dry coughThese are details that doctors should consider because, as I said at the beginning, there are actions of allergies, there are medical and clinical actions, diseases of other bacteria and even cold as such directly influences lung cells and the trachea, “he explained.

Noted that doctors must be up-to-date on treatments, first so as not to hurt, do not give any treatment, because these infections with this variant do not give such a marked fever.

Alcocer said that if COVID-19 is suspected, he is tested to detect that he has the virus, “it will not be practical or necessary to know if he has an omicron or not, this corresponds a posteriori when the information of greater number of cases”.



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