COVID: When will the Cuban vaccine Abdalá arrive in Mexico?

Just last December 29, the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) reported that it approved the Cuban vaccine Abdalá, therefore, it is expected that for the first or second quarter of 2022, Mexico will have this drug.

The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer reported today in AMLO’s “morning” that Abdalá is being considered as a booster dose and he recalled that the decision to have the vaccine is not Mexico’s, but will depend on how the Cuban government handles its application and how it is going to share it with other countries.

“Sure with Mexico it will have this rapprochement, because we have it in other areas such as medicines,” he presumed.

On December 29, the state group of the biopharmaceutical industry of Cuba (BioCubaFarma) reported that its Abdala vaccine against COVID-19 would begin to be administered in Mexico after having been approved by Cofepris.

According to the Cuban body, this biological has an efficiency superior to 90%, although the data have not been verified by independent external experts.

Doubts about the safety of the vaccine have drawn criticism; Given this, AMLO regretted that there is so much “dogmatism” despite being a health issue.

And he said that one should be above any “ideology” because the Abdala vaccine research processes are “serious.”

He also defended Cofepris because, he said, it is an institution run by “serious, responsible” scientists, who issued the authorization.

Mexico considers using Pfizer pill

During the morning conference, López Obrador affirmed that Mexico would be considering including the pill against COVID-19 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which has been shown to be highly effective in treating coronavirus.

“There was talk about the Pfizer drug” and there is the intention that it will be “evaluated and, if possible, purchased,” he said.

However, he said that it will be the health authorities that will finally have to decide whether or not to acquire this new drug.



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