Democratic Senator Tim Kaine has been trapped in his car by a snowstorm for more than 27 hours

Kaine noted that he will seek to help more trapped citizens through the Virginia Department of Transportation.

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WASHINGTON – Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has been stuck in traffic for more than 27 hours due to a winter storm It has killed at least five people and left thousands stuck on the highways.

“I left yesterday at one in the afternoon for my normal two-hour drive to the District of Columbia,” Kaine said on his Twitter account. “19 hours later and I’m still not even close to the Capitol.”

Hours later, he updated, still in his car, and explained that he had been trapped in his vehicle for 27 hours, where at least one family had given him an orange so he could eat something.

I’m frustrated, but I’m not in serious trouble.“Said the Democratic senator on the same social network, adding that he has contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation” to see how we can help other Virginians in this situation. “

Thousands of cars and trucks were still stopped today on a stretch of Interstate 95 between Washington DC and Fredericksburg where many drivers who turned off their engines or ran out of fuel left their vehicles to walk in search of shelter.

Three people were killed in Maryland when their vehicle collided with a snowplow Monday night.according to the Montgomery County Police Department, and two children died as a result of falling trees, local media reported.

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported snow accumulations of up to 35 centimeters in the Capitol Heights suburb of Maryland, and with lower temperatures forecast at dusk, Virginia State Police warned of icing on the streets.

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