Elizabeth Olsen is kinder to the paparazzi than Mary-Kate and Ashley, and today she explained to the press why

In the last decade, roles in the Olsen family have been invested and Elizabeth Olsen has become the most famous of all its members, above the twins Mary-Kate y Ashley, who rose to fame as children when she was still just a baby.

Unlike other movie stars with famous last names, the first of the three women has never had a problem talking about her older sisters, as long as it is generic and without delving too deep into her private life. These days an old video recorded in 2012 outside the NBC studios has gone viral on social networks, in which she appears interacting with a group of paparazzi and people determined to get her autograph.

The interpreter was more than willing to stop for a few minutes to say hello and sign several photos, and someone took advantage of that moment to ask her why she was much nicer than Mary-Kate y Ashley. His answer, which he could not have prepared in advance, is giving a lot to speak of because of the elegance and maturity he demonstrated by stating very calmly: “Because you guys have been bugging them your whole life.”

Elizabeth has become a celebrity in her own right thanks to the role of The Scarlet Witch in the Marvel universe while the twins have chosen to put aside their acting careers to focus entirely on their work as designers. SHowever, the fact that they are no longer part of the film industry does not mean that they have not been able to give you advice and a very valuable example to follow, both of what you should and what you should not do.

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