Five tips to whip cream and make it firm for the Roscón de Reyes filling

If we do a Homemade roscón de Reyes delicious and we want to fill it, the filling has to be up to par, and it is very easy, in addition, we can choose many more fillings than we normally find in stores unless we have a bakery or pastry shop nearby with very creative artisans. The normal thing is to find Roscón de Reyes stuffed with cream, truffle and marzipan, and for a great majority with these flavors it is more than enough, the one that triumphs the most is the Roscón de Reyes stuffed with cream.

Well, in addition to wanting to remind you of some of our Proposals to fill your artisan Roscón de Reyes, which you have in the post entitled ’15 recipes of delicious fillings for the homemade Roscón de Reyes’, among which you will see truffle, Nutella ganache, pastry cream, frangipane cream, diplomatic cream, chantilly, tiramisu mousse, gianduja mousse , marzipan … today we want to share five tips for whipping cream and making the filling firm on the Roscón de Reyes (and in any cake), it will be the best roscón you have ever tasted, of course, if you make our recipe for Roscón, you already know that we have several here.

Cream of filling of the Roscón de Reyes

The temperature

It is very important that the cream is very cold before whipping it, you cannot take the brick of whipping cream from the pantry or from a cupboard, it has to be in the fridge for at least 12 hours, although due to lack of time or organization, sometimes the freezer is used, where it reaches low temperatures quickly.

The fat

There are creams with different fat content, if it is to whip, the higher the percentage of fat, the better. In Spain, cream is easily found 35% MG (Fat Matter), and it is enough, but we can also find cream at the 38% M.G. and is of national origin. It is convenient to read the packaging, check the percentage of fat it has and that the ingredients only contain cream, as there are also preparations with additives, stabilizers, etc., but they do not have as good a flavor or a natural flavor, even if they are prepared to whip better. .

The container and utensils

Fat easily absorbs odors and flavors, so it is very important that the container and the Utensils that are going to be used to whip cream are well clean and dry. It is also often recommended that the rods and the whipping bowl be put in the fridge for a while before so that they are also very cold, and preferably use materials such as stainless steel, a better conductor of temperature and keeps the cold longer than the plastic. But it is not strictly necessary for the utensils to be in the fridge before whipping cream, but the liquid cream is.

Roscón de Reyes Recipe


We know that cream with a higher fat content blends better, but it is also more stable, so if you use a cream with 38% fat, it is not necessary to use stabilizers. Anyway, it can be added if deemed necessary, just as it can be added to cream with 35% MG and if cream with 30% MG is used, which is a little fair to whip, it will be very useful. add stabilizers so that it stays firm and withstands the time and weight of the top of the roscón. Commercial stabilizers can be used (they usually contain starch, anti-caking agent, sugar …) or alternatives that we can all have at home, such as icing sugar, powdered milk, cornstarch, powdered curd, gelatin … Any stabilizer must be incorporated when the cream is semi-whipped and little by little.


It is very important to control at all times how the cream is mounting, because if you overdo it, it makes butter. If this happens, it should not be thrown away, a delicious butter comes out of the solid part, and the whey that has been separated is ideal for making a sponge cake. You can see more details here. About whether excess whipped cream can be fixed, we also talk to you in this post. Although kitchen machines and other very powerful processors are very comfortable to whip cream in record timeIt is also easier for us to beat it and, in addition, there is not such a fine whipped cream. We like it more see how he rides little by little with the electric rods hand-held, it allows us to appreciate the changes that are being generated in the cream and to stop at the right moment.

We hope that with these advice get the best whipped cream for the best Roscón de Reyes Or, that said, any cake or cake that you want to fill and / or decorate with cream. Don’t forget that once it’s done, it should be kept in the refrigerator. As for the formula to whip cream with a sweet touch, that goes to taste, we usually play with 70-100 grams of sugar for 500 milliliters of cream, taking into account that it will accompany other elements that are also sweet.

Good cooking and enjoy!

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