Former governor Cuomo will not face criminal prosecution on allegation that he stroked an aide in New York

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo left office on August 23.

Flickr Gobernador Andrew Cuomo / NY Governor Office

Andrew Cuomo, a former New York governor who resigned in August over sexual abuse scandals, will not face criminal prosecution on a charge that he fondled an aide, after a prosecutor said today that he dropped the case because he couldn’t prove it.

Three days before the former Democratic governor answered the misdemeanor charge in court, Albany County District Attorney David Soares said he was asking for a criminal complaint the county sheriff filed in October to be dismissed.

“While we found the plaintiff in this case cooperative and credible, After reviewing all the available evidence, we came to the conclusion that we cannot meet our burden at trial, ”said Prosecutor Soares. in a statement, adding that it was “deeply concerned” by the allegation.

Soares, a Democrat, had previously suggested that a woman’s complaint that had been forcibly touched on the chest by Cuomo it was troublesome.

“While many have an opinion on the allegations against the former governor, the Albany District Attorney’s Office is the only one with the burden of proving the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt,” Soares said Monday.

Cuomo, who has vehemently denied the accusation, did not immediately comment on the news, which was first reported by the newspaper. The Times-Union of Albany.

The complaint did not name the woman, but she later identified herself as Brittany Commisso, one of Cuomo’s executive assistants before he resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct in August.

A few hours after your resignation, Cuomo was stripped of the also questioned Emmy award he received in November 2020 for his televised press conferences on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, was fired as a host of CNN after state attorney Letitia James revealed documents indicating that she had become involved in the defense of the then governor when accused of abuse of power over several female employees in early 2021.

The reality of the now former governor represents a great contrast after he cultivated a high popularity during the confinement that led him to dream of a comfortable new re-election in 2022. Even his allies spoke of his potential to reach the White House, at least as vice president.

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