“I canceled my wedding because my fiance had his bachelor party at a strip club”

We know well that anything can happen during a bachelor or bachelorette party, and perhaps that is why the bride in this story asked her future husband in advance not to go to a club where women often dance with little clothing for clients. When he found out, the girl decided to cancel her wedding because the fiance had his bachelor party at a strip club, even though the event is only a couple of weeks away.

Through the popular Reddit forum, the woman asked for advice on her determination and explained that both she and her fiancé had bachelor parties with their respective friends, but she was very clear in a request: “I told my husband before that if he went to a strip club then I would not marry him because it makes me uncomfortable for him to go”, He recounted.

The 26-year-old girlfriend also recounted that her bachelorette party consisted of going to a cabin with her friends, with whom she shared a spa day and they took the opportunity to relax, so she hoped that her future husband would do something similar with his friends. But when he told her what he had done at his bachelor party, things got complicated.

“He came back and the first thing he said to me was, ‘Honey, I’m so sorry, but the guys surprised me and took me to a strip club.’ I said, ‘Oh, so what did you do?’ And he looked at me blankly and said, ‘What do you mean?’, And I said, ‘Well, what happened when you told them you couldn’t be there?’ and he looked at me and said, ‘Well, uh… I…’ and didn’t know what to say, ”the girl wrote on Reddit.

At that point she was furious and told him that she did not want to marry him, even though the cancellation will cost them thousands of dollars. “My fiancé begs me to give him another chance and thinks therapy can help, but my confidence feels completely violated”, He confessed.

Immediately the users of the forum expressed their opinions on their decision: “I would definitely not get married. This is not OK. He knew the limits, accepted the limits, and then proceeded to trample all the limits. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed before getting married, ”one person noted.

“One thing I’ve learned in life is to be strict with limits. Don’t let anything or anyone change your beliefs. You will end up doubting yourself all the time, ”wrote another. “Don’t marry him. You set the rules and limits. He clearly knew them. What happens here will happen for the rest of your life. Be firm in your limits or you will be trampled on all sides ”, advised one more.

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