Jomari Goyso, with a broken heart, says goodbye to his mother. This is how it returns to Univision

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Jomari Goyso / Courtesy

Jomari Goyso’s vacation is over. The famous Univision critic left his homeland and said goodbye to his mother, in a video he titled: “Broken Embraces. Fired”. Later on Instagram he commented that he cried, at this precise moment. Before the publication, many of his friends, famous Hispanic television celebrities, have cried with him and said goodbye to his mother.

One of the first to react to this post from the Spaniard was Carolina Sandoval, who told her: “Farewells that we don’t want … but that are part of the start of the next meeting.” So too, and with an icon of a crying face, it also manifested Karina Banda: “The day of the vacation that I never want to arrive 😢”. Chef Lorena García also shared her message: “Thank you for sharing the beauty of your customs and the love of your family! Infinite blessings and a kiss to Dorado ”.

Marjorie de Sousa, Dayanara Torres, Goyco Charity, and so other celebrities shared the tears of the Spanish critic, the most famous on Hispanic television.

And it is that in these end of the year holidays, many of us witnessed how much Jomari Goyso enjoys the company of his mother, her cooking and her conversations. How is it that he, one of the toughest on television, is a lover of family life. This is why many have mourned with him his departure from Spain, for his return to Miami and Univision.

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