Milk with cocoa, hazelnuts and turmeric or Cacao golden latte. Recipe to enjoy a great drink

When we get tired of take mid-morning or in the middle of the afternoon our chai coffee (because there are times when when we get something for something we drink it every day, until we hate it), it is easy for us to get carried away by the mental palate and prepare others drinks or infusions like the one we share with you today. Perhaps it already has a name because there is a standardized formula of the popular golden latte or golden milk that also includes cocoa and hazelnuts, but we call it Milk with cocoa, hazelnuts and turmeric or Golden milk cocoa when we want to be cooler.

By the way, this cocoa drink with hazelnuts and turmeric It will also be a good accompaniment to the homemade Roscón de Reyes these days, now, if you want to accompany this traditional Three Kings Day sweet with a good hot chocolate, we give you some options in this post: Thick chocolate, old-fashioned chocolate, chocolate with peanuts, chocolate with Nutella … And now we go with the formula with this simple recipe to enjoy a great drink any day of the year.

Ingredients (per person)

  • 2-3 c / c pure cocoa powder
  • a pinch of very finely ground black pepper
  • ½ c / c turmeric powder
  • 250 ml of hazelnut vegetable drink or milk
  • 10 grams of hazelnut butter
  • c / n of sweetener or sweetener.


Mix the powdered ingredients, the amount of pure cocoa can be varied to taste, if you want a more intense chocolate flavor, add more. So in any small container mix the cocoa, pepper and turmeric powder. You can also play with the amount of turmeric to taste, if you have a habit of drinking golden milk or turmeric latte you will control it.

Put the hazelnut vegetable drink in a saucepan (we take Lidl’s if we don’t make it at home), or the one you like best, you can use any vegetable drink or normal milk.

Golden milk cocoa

When it starts to heat up, add the hazelnut butter and the cocoa, turmeric and pepper mixture. Go beating with the rods until all the ingredients dissolve and are integrated. Also add the sweetener or sweetener to taste, also so that it integrates and dissolves well. Test to assess the sweetness point or rectify any ingredient.

If you want to add a touch more flavor, you can add a pinch of vanilla caviar or a pinch of soluble coffee, they are other combinations that are also exquisite.

Finishing and presentation

Serves the milk The vegetable drink with cocoa, hazelnuts and turmeric In a cup that you like to hold and find comforting, add a pinch of cocoa powder to the surface just before serving. It is also a good drink to drink cold, just let it cool and / or add a few ice cubes.

Golden milk cocoaGolden milk cocoaGolden milk cocoaGolden milk cocoa

c / s = Soup spoon
c / p = Dessert spoon
c / c = Coffee spoon
c / n = Required quantity

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