Mother with advanced cancer asks for a boyfriend for her daughter with expensive ad in New York’s Times Square

Neon sign in Times Square, the “crossroads of the world”.

Photo: He Was Suppressed / Getty Images

Beth Davis did what many daughters would have considered humiliating: soliciting her for a boyfriend by hanging a large advertisement among the neon signs in New York’s Times Square, the so-called “crossroads of the world.”

In his case, his 30-year-old daughter Molly agrees, aware that the circumstances are exceptional: her mother is seriously ill and wants to leave her married and in good company before dying.

Last week, Beth placed a large, one-month, 47-by-25-foot ad in Times Square with a smiling photo of Molly, along with the message “Go out with my daughter” and the URL to her dating profile.

Beth’s goal is “to know that I leave her in good hands… It is only fair since Molly acted as my chaperone, escorting me to various oncology appointments. “

Beth, a 61-year-old woman Boston resident, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and was treated with chemotherapy. In June 2020, doctors told him that he had developed metastatic breast cancer that had spread widely to her bones.

So time is of the essence if she and her husband Rick, 62-year-old medical writer, want to walk Molly down the aisle together. “I would like to see my daughter well settled,” he said to the New York Post Beth, who previously worked in pharmaceutical sales ”.

She is currently being treated with tablets that she hopes will keep the cancer at bay for at least two years. “Considering that I have serious health problems, there is urgency,” he insisted on end your daughter’s single status.

Beth, who also has a “happily married” son, asked Molly for permission and posted a profile for her daughter on Wingman, the dating app where friends and family testify to users. The speech frankly noted that Beth she wants “a good man for my daughter to love.”

The profile touched the founder of Wingman, Tina Wilson, who organized the ad in Times Square, where Beth also appears with a small photo and the words “I am her mother.”

“It casts a broader network,” said Molly, a Boston-based medical device vendor. “I want someone who loves me and someone who I love too. I want someone to contribute to my life. If this transmits it, it will all be worth it ”.

“I let my mom have fun filtering the profiles and responses”, said Molly, who at the time of the interview had not yet connected with someone. “I value a relationship like my parents’, where they talk about things and seek high degrees of kindness ”.

Anyone who wants a chance with Molly will do well to take things with Calm down in the beginning. “I think a great first date is a low-risk activity,” he said. “Maybe we’ll have a drink and play pool. Smart, kind and funny would be the trifecta. Someone with the essence of Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds “.

Mother and daughter they saw the billboard together in person traveling to New York last weekend. “We got out of an Uber, we turned a corner and there was Molly,” Beth recounted. “I threw my head back, my glasses fell off and I laughed. We both jumped up and down with excitement. Most people get 15 minutes of fame. But we are getting a whole month ”.

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