Neighbor leaves student brain dead after attacking him with screwdriver

A man died after being attacked with a screwdriver.

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Today the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office reported that young Jonathan Alexander, who was found on December 25 on the asphalt with several blows to the body, died.

At the time, the station commander, Misael Quiroga, announced about that fateful accident: “The Suba Police station receives an incident where they report that in El Indio Park a young man is found lying on the ground, effectively the quadrant He goes, first aid is presented to him, every time he was injured. The medical part informs us that presents an injury to the level of the head with a knife”.

At that time, Quiroga indicated that they would open an investigation to understand what had happened and find the whereabouts of the person who attacked the young man, later it was learned that the victim’s neighbor was involved in the incident.

“With the work of the neighborhood and the investigation, it is established that there is an accused, which is shared with the Attorney General’s Office and it is effectively established that this young man had had some differences of citizen coexistence and that due to intolerance this scenario of aggression is presented with him. This is a matter of investigation to find the capture of this subject, ”said the commander.

According to information from Noticias Caracol de Colombia, Alexánder’s neighbor burned with anger when he asked him to put a muzzle on his dog and it he reacted by attacking him with a screwdriver.

The young man received several blows throughout his arms and sides, in addition the knife pierced his skull, which caused severe trauma, as reported by his mother Luz Janeth Sánchez: “You have a very severe head traumaHe suffered many stabs from this monster all over his body, he pulled out his teeth, he has stabs in the head ”.

After several days in hospital, Jonathan Alexander was diagnosed with brain death, said Mrs. Sánchez: “Yesterday the doctor spoke to us and told us that no longer a miracle could save him, or stop him from that bed, because it was so much the trauma and the amount of stabbing he received from this subject that his body collapsed … ”And today the young man was disconnected from the machine that kept his vital signs active.

For her part, the victim’s sister, Xiomara, revealed that the man who attacked his brother is known to neighbors to be a violent man.

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