NFL Awaits: Washington Football Team Announces New Name Feb. 2

The WTF was eliminated from the Playoffs this season.

Todd Olszewski / Getty Images

The president ofl Washington Football Team, Jason Wright, announced Tuesday that the new name and logo of your team will be released on next February 2.

β€œWhat’s coming is exciting and we can’t wait to reveal our team’s name to the world on February 2, 2022. Mark your calendars, Washington family. It will be a day that they do not want to miss“, Said the manager.

In December 2020 the formation of the capital of the United States abandoned the nickname of Redskins (reference to the red skin of the native Indians of the United States), as well as its logo that showed the feathered head of an Indian on the sides of the helmet of the team.

The team was founded in 1932, and from 1933 to 2020 it was known as Redskins, but now it seeks to uncheck any link with discrimination that the country’s Indians have suffered throughout history.

Washington has used a capital W as a distinctive for a little over a year and each player’s number in yellow on the sides of each of his burgundy helmets.

Among the nicknames that have been discarded for the formation, Jason Wright mentioned Wolves (wolves) and RedWolves (red wolves), all proposed by fans.

β€œWe can confirm that, after careful consideration, our team name will not be Wolves or RedWolves. Although we understood that Wolves, or some variation of this name was a fan favoriteHe mentioned.

The reason for forgetting these names, argued the team president, was for marketing rights.

“Once we started investigating Wolves we realized a notable challenge: trademarks of other teams would limit our ability to make our name and variations like RedWolves weren’t viable for the same reasons,” he explained.

Since this Tuesday, Washington Football Team has left a video on its social networks in which it refers to the identity and history of almost nine decades of the team in which it invites fans to be aware in February.

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