Omicron variant arrives in Jalisco; they ask not to lower guard

The Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) notified the Government of Jalisco of the contagion, with the omicron variant, of the first 16 people in the Entity.

The state authority said that 63% are women. The average age of those infected is 35 years. All were ambulatory. Two have a history of traveling to the United States.

The three main symptoms presented were rhinorrhea, cough and fever; 12 started with them between December 12 and 18.

Of those infected with the new variant of the coronavirus, seven are residents of Guadalajara, four from Zapopan, one from Tlajomulco, one from Zapotlán el Grande, another from Morelia and in two their origin is still unknown.

“The only thing to do in the face of this reality is to continue with the measures that we already know, not to fall into a state of alarm. There are still no elements to raise the need for new measures, “said the head of the state Executive.

On January 14, the Health Board will meet to define if there will be new restrictions, after the New Year’s celebrations. For example, ordering the vaccine for mass events will be analyzed.

The return to face-to-face classes agreed for January 17 is maintained. Yesterday the school year began virtually.

The Government stressed that the new wave of contagion of the new coronavirus is already beginning to suffer in the system, since it went from 103 to 155 hospitalized in the last two weeks. According to state figures, as of December 25 there was a rebound.

Last night, Jalisco received the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines of the year. Almost 400 thousand doses arrived of reinforcements for older adults, health personnel and adolescents.

Vaccination days start throughout the State. THE INFORMATOR / Archive

Hospitalizations grow and vaccination macromodules reactivate

The new wave of COVID-19 in Jalisco is already beginning to suffer: hospitalizations for the disease went from 103 to 155 in the last week of 2021.

According to state government figures, although the trend was downward, as of December 25 there was a rebound, in addition to the fact that the governor reported that in the state there was already there are 16 confirmed cases of the variant omicron, which is four times more contagious than Delta, according to health specialists.

“There is no need to hire more staff, we have the capacity to expand. We have a lot of room for maneuver and the (hospital) infrastructure is ready. We are ready and prepared to face these days with all seriousness, hoping that the impact will not be so serious, “said the state president.

Active cases are also on the rise, which had been on the decline since the beginning of December, but from the second fortnight they began to increase: During the week of December 18, there were 1,870 events; that of the 25th of that month, 2,029 cases; and the last week of the year, 2,942 infections.

In addition, the vaccination macromodules are reactivated after a two-week break for Christmas holidays. The people who will attend first will be the elderly who go for the third dose (booster) of any biological and who previously made their appointment in the state vaccination portal, in addition to adolescents from 15 to 17 years who go for the second dose of PfizerBioNTech applied before December 4.

Fernando Petersen, Secretary of Health, said that the conference will be historic because it will cover the 125 municipalities of Jalisco; in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) only state registration is being requested, while in the other municipalities registration is required on the federal page.

“Fulfilling the commitment to serve people over 60 years of age and maintain their protection,” he emphasized.

Enable state platform for vaccination appointments

The state vaccination platform has already been re-enabled for appointments for the application of reinforcements in the macro-modules of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. State Health Secretary Fernando Petersen reported that Booster vaccines for older adults will be available in the first week of January in all municipalities in the interior and regions.

“Appointments for second dose are enabled in adolescents aged 15 to 17 who were vaccinated before December 4, very important, for all metropolitan days both in hospitals and macro-modules, you must attend by appointment to be able to attend to all people with order and that they do not have to wait for hours ”.

He asked to follow preventive measures, make correct use of face masks and respect schedules.

Those interested can enter the page ( to schedule an appointment or cancel an appointment already registered.



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