Passengers live nightmare after gunman hijacked bus in Mexico

Man with mental instability hijacks a bus in Mexico.

Photo: Courtesy / Pixabay

A nightmare lived the passengers of a public transport truck in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, after were taken hostage by a man who claimed they wanted to kill him.

The events occurred last weekend when the armed subject went up to the unit, he threatened the driver and subsequently threatened all the passengers.

The bus hijacking took place when the truck was traveling on Juan Gil Preciado avenue in Zapopan.

According to the authorities, the frantic man would not allow the truck to stop, keeping the terror among the passengers. As detailed, no one could get off because he had all the passengers deprived of liberty, generating panic.

While the assault and retention of the vehicle occurred, people started making calls to the emergency line, which alerted the municipal authorities, who began an operation to find the unit and rescue the victims.

The hostage passengers’ nightmare ended when Zapopan police managed to intercept the truck at the intersection with Calandrias Avenue in the New Mexico neighborhood.

The state police released that carried out the chase of the public transport truck.

It took seconds for the truck to be completely surrounded by police elements, to whom the man told that he acted like this to escape from someone who wanted to kill him, because he had delusions of persecution.

However, passengers reported that the subject wanted to steal their belongings.

In social networks a video circulates in which you can see how the subject, who was wearing a green jacket and blue jeans, is detained by the police to the astonishment of the passengers.

The man whose identity has not been made known, was at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the corresponding legal process.

Fortunately, no injured people were reported, although there were those who had nervous breakdowns.

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