Raphy Pina, Natti Natasha’s partner, showed the electronic shackle that they put on her after the trial

Raphy Pina with her partner, the singer Natti Natasha.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Raphy Pina showed the electronic shackle they put on her after being convicted of charges of illegal possession of weapons by a federal convict.

The Puerto Rican must remain under house arrest until April 1 of this year, the date on which he will know the final verdict of his case. Raphy Pina faces up to 10 years in jail.

The music industry businessman, and partner of the reggaeton singer Natti Natasha, has made the publication on his Instagram account, where he has more than 3.9 million followers.

“I already worked for the next 30 yearsYes, now I only think about contributing and continuing to grow as a human being, ”said the Puerto Rican.

In the post that so far has more than 90 thousand I like you, the representative of Daddy Yankee asked what would be the musical collaborations that his followers would like to see.

What other project do you want to see? Featurings (collaborations) tell me I’m brainstorming here andn the office. # LaFórmula ”, detailed Raphy Pina.

The businessman published this message at Christmas.

“Santa fulfilled my wish. Merry Christmas to everyone in the world ”, he wrote in a series of photographs where his daughter Vida Isabelle appears, who wears a rather Christmas outfit, opening gifts with Natti Natasha, her mother.

Recently, Pina and her partner Natti Natasha reported that they tested positive for covid-19, together with two of the businessman’s children.

“We responsibly want to notify you that both Natalia Gutiérrez, Rafael Pina, Antonio Pina and Mía Pina tested positive for covid-19. Both Rafael Jr. and Vida are currently very well and under strict supervision and we are awaiting any change in health ”, they detailed on December 30, 2021.

They also took the opportunity to ask their followers to take care of themselves during the pandemic that continues to plague the world.

“The covid pandemic can touch anyone so do not lower your guard, protect yourself and get your booster vaccine. We love you ”, they expressed.

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