Raúl Jiménez and the viral photograph in which he easily surpasses the fearsome Cristiano Ronaldo

The Wolverhampton of Mexican Raúl Jiménez surprised Manchester United which continues to lose points in the Premier League. With a goal from João Moutinho, the Wolves won 0-1 to the “Red Devils” at the legendary Old Trafford. In the middle of the game, a duel was presented that sparked: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Raúl Jiménez.

The Mexican forward has had a constant evolution after the strong blow suffered more than a year ago in a game against Arsenal. That injury took him off the field for several months due to a fractured skull. However, game by game the Aztec is recovering his best version to the point of fighting and beating CR7 himself with a header.

The photograph went viral. Raúl Jiménez overtook Cristiano Ronaldo in search of a split ball. The Portuguese measures 1.87 meters and the Mexican 1.90 meters, but on the field of play Jiménez took much more advantage and was the protagonist of the curious photograph.

This fact has significance for Cristiano Ronaldo’s dreaded jumping power. The Portuguese footballer throughout his career has impressed all spectators with his incredible headers. CR7 has made a fool of its defenders with its powerful jump reach.

However, the Portuguese could not with the Mexican. It will be another time that CR7 will try again to overcome Raúl Jiménez and also Manchester United, a club that suffered a sad defeat at the “Theater of Dreams”.

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