Rigid, non-stick round microwave donut pan

One of the bakery and pastry sweets that are being imitated the most in recent times, trying to make a faster and healthier alternative (in terms of the production process), that is, without sugar, with wholemeal flours, with a type of fat that is beneficial to health … the donut. Now, the only thing in which the ‘healthy donuts’ that flood the photo galleries of social networks are similar to the classic bakery donuts is that they are round and have a hole in the center, that is, they are shaped like a donut. .

And is that the misnamed ‘donuts’ that we make in five minutes in the microwave (and cooking takes less time) are simply cakes that are baked in a donut-shaped mold, the dough has nothing to do with that of the real donuts, which is a sourdough and is not baked, but fried. But these donuts are better to eat occasionally if we think about eating a healthy diet, so those with a sweet tooth who want to regularly enjoy a tender and sweet donut, better make their own ‘healthy donuts’, with good ingredients and trying not to abuse of fats or sweeteners, no matter how natural they are.

The truth is that the issue of food and nutrition sometimes gets out of hand, the freedom that exists on the internet to publish content can be dangerous, and it also happens with books, eh … Everything is flooded with recipes for ‘pastries and healthy pastry ‘what makes believe that they are sweets that can be eaten every day, that you can eat a lot without problem, that they are healthy and they love to add the tagline of ‘no regrets’. Well, you have to be very careful, because healthy donuts can be healthier than traditional donuts, but they cannot be abused either, and less if they are going to displace other foods, such as fruit, for example.

Donut mold

Serve this introduction (although perhaps some of you had plenty, but we take advantage of any occasion to try to clarify possible misconceptions) so that you know one alternative to flexible silicone molds to do these donuts in the microwave, since some people do not find it comfortable, either because it does not fit in their small microwave, because they do not put it on a plate or rigid tray and everything moves …

In the photos that illustrate this post you can see the Rigid, non-stick round microwave donut pan from Nordic Ware, and as you can see, it has the capacity to make six donuts of 5’8 centimeters in diameter. While the diameter of the mold is 20’6 centimeters. The material with which this mold is made is plastic resistant to high temperatures (without bisphenol A and without melamine), but it is not recommended to use it in the conventional oven, only in the microwave. If you need a mold to make this type of donut in the oven, you can see one by clicking here.

Y how long can donuts be made in the microwave?? Well, in a minute or a minute and a half. You have several recipes in Gastronomy and Company to make donut-shaped cakes, with different flavors, types of flour, etc. So if you only need the mold, in addition to reminding you that in this post we are talking about our silicone mold for donuts, say that the rigid mold from Nordic Ware can be found at This store online, is on offer at a price of 8’42 euros, being its normal price of 9’90 euros.


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