Spain already has the highest incidence of covid in Europe

The sixth wave from covid-19 pandemic continues to expand in Spain with an incidence of 2,433 cases, the highest in Europe, after 117,775 new infections were reported, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, which reveals that positivity from diagnostic tests has risen 10 points in a week, to 28.7%, well above the 5% recommended by the WHO.

Health data, which collect statistics from the European environment, show that Spain is already ahead of the United Kingdom (2,326), France (1,693), Switzerland (1,550) and Portugal (1,208), which have the highest incidence.

Despite the high incidence in Spaina, the maximum peak of infections was reported last Thursday (more than 166,000), so that in the last 14 days 1,153,324 cases have been registered -646,715 of them in the last week-, figures that raise the total of positives detected since the beginning of the pandemic to 6,785,286.

In this context of uncontrolled transmission due to the expansion of omicron, the percentage of occupancy of critically ill patients in ICUs has been increasing in the last week, going from 18.7% to just over 21%, while in the plant it has done so 8% to 10.5%.

308 deaths have been recorded last week, 116 of them reported in the last day, with an average mortality rate that has dropped in December by 2 tenths and stands at 1.5%.

The indicators that have picked up the most in the last week are those of cumulative incidence, which rises by more than 1,000 points after 14 days and by 515 points after 7 days, with a rate of positivity due to the increase in diagnostic tests that escalated from 18.8% to 28.7%.

Catalunya, the one with the most pressure in ucis

In Spain there are 12,942 admitted with covid-19, 1,983 of them in intensive care units.

The communities with the greatest pressure in the ICU are: Catalonia (41%), the Basque Country (30.6%), Castilla y León (28.5%), Aragon (26.3%), the Valencian Community (25.4 %) and the Community of Madrid (24.3%). Those with the least occupancy in these units are Galicia (6.5%), Extremadura (8.2%) and Andalusia (10.9%).

In plant, the Basque Country (15.3%), the Community of Madrid (15.1%), Aragon (14%), Catalonia (12.3%) and La Rioja (14.6%) are the worst indicators record.

More incidence in the north

Navarra (5,977) and the Basque Country (4,898) continue to lead in the highest transmission of Sars_CoV_2 in Spain by registering the highest incidence rates, followed by Aragon (3,801), Castilla y León (3,472), La Rioja (3,032), Catalonia (2,699) Extremadura (3,001) or the Community of Madrid (2,666). In the Basque Country, the incidence has increased by 756 points in one day and by 2,613 in a week, with a 40% positivity rate in the screening tests carried out.

By age group, the group with the highest incidence in Spain is between 20 and 29 years old in Navarra (9,739) and the Basque Country (8,414). The national average at this age is 3,831.

80% with double dose

The campaign for the third or extra doses continues every day of the week, so that more than 11.1 million have already been tapped.

88.3% of those over 70 have booster protection against the coronavirus, as do 76.9% of those in their sixties. Percentages that are reduced in the 50 to 59 age groups, since 34.4% have the extra dose and only 18.6% from 40 to 49, while 66.2% of those vaccinated with the Jannsen single-dose they have been given an additional antidote.

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Likewise, childhood vaccination continues its pace with almost 30% of children between 5 and 11 years old with the first dose, so that around 2.3 million are still pending to receive it compared to the return to the classroom from January 10.

Already 80.1% of the total population of Spain has the double dose, that is, 38,028,178 citizens.

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