Thalía shares images of the humble neighborhood where she grew up in Mexico

“Neighborhood”. This is the name of Thalía’s new song. For this reason, the singer has proudly shared on her social networks a series of photographs of her neighborhood, that humble space in which she grew up in her native Mexico. According to the singer, her childhood and adolescence took place in the Santa María La Ribera neighborhood.

Along with the images on Instagram, Thalía left this message for her loyal followers and admirers:

“This Moorish kiosk was in the Alameda in my neighborhood, where every weekend I rode my bike, we had a picnic on the grass and we ate vanilla popsicles and raisins on the corner. !They are so vivid and wonderful memories of my childhood in my wonderful neighborhood, Santa María La Ribera! ”.

He continues: “For memories how I composed this song #Neighborhood. A very powerful letter of great pride in recognizing where we come from, who we are today, and obviously thinking about what remains to be done. This song is my neighborhood, but I would love for you to show me your neighborhood ”.

After the above, Thalía left the following request to her followers: “Label me in your photos and videos, using the hashtag #MiBarrioT. I’ll be sharing my favorites! ”

Among the reactions you can read that of Camila Sodi, Thalía’s niece. The actress who has followed the footsteps of her family member the most out of her family, since she has known how to develop as the protagonist of soap operas, with successful projects on the small screen.

On the topic “Barrio” by Thalía, this is what has been heard through her Instagram account.

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