They arrest Gaby Castillo, former participant of “Enamorándonos”, for alleged drug dealing and fraud

“Falling in love” from TV Azteca.

Photo: TV Azteca / Courtesy

Gaby castle, former participant of the program “Falling in love”And alleged ex-girlfriend of Oscar Andrés“ N ”, alias“ El Lunares ”, was detained by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City for alleged crimes of drug dealing and fraud.

As it became known, the singer of “Enrola” was with a man identified as a member of the Soto Family, who supposedly, he steals luxury cars with bad checks.

The also dancer rose to fame in 2018 after her appearance on the TV Azteca reality show, in which they brought people together with the purpose of finding love.

Later, he was linked to organized crime by allegedly being the girlfriend of Mauricio “N”, alias “El Pollo”, who worked for the Unión de Tepito. The man was shot to death in 2019.

Later, Gaby Castillo was associated with “The Polka Dots“, former leader of the Tepito Union, who was arrested in February 2020.

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