Wendy’s will give burgers for $ 1 for a whole month

The offer is only valid when placing an order through the mobile app.

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The famous hamburger chain, Wendy’s, is starting this 2022 offering a great offer for all lovers of its star product. And is that now all customers have the opportunity to get a premium burger for only $ 1.

That’s right, this low price will be available for the entire month of January in the company’s mobile app. In this application you can make valid the offer of $ 1 dollar when buying a hamburger at normal price.

Premium burgers are the kind of burgers that Wendy’s sells that are a little fancier than the others.Some of them are the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger or the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger.

Take into account that you can only make this offer valid once a week. The promotion will restart at the end of each week, so only then can you use it again.

You should also remember that the offer is only valid when placing an order through the mobile app, according to Thrillist.

So now you know, if your resolution for this new year that is starting was to spend less, then perhaps you should take advantage of the Wendy’s offer, since this way you can have one of the highest quality hamburgers that this chain offers at a very low price. .

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