What happens to Lili Estefan? In networks, she says: “The trials we go through can be great blessings”

Words more words less, Lili Estefan left a particular message on Instagram that has attracted attention. The full text of the host of El Gordo y la Flaca reads as follows: “Many of the trials that we are going through can be the prelude to great blessings. Resist ”.

Prayer is definitely motivational. Many have appreciated it. Others are even telling you that it should be a personal motivator, because of the wisdom you have in leaving these kinds of thoughts, which are making many think, reflect. But nevertheless, there are also those who, when reading, believe that it is possible that she herself you’re going through some kind of trial, and that you want it to become a blessing in your life, in the end.

But, beyond any assumption around that thought, the truth behind it is known only to Raúl de Molina’s friend and running mate; After the impact of his words, many of his followers are focused on the look of Lili Estefan. And they ensure that he looks younger and younger.

They say he looks like a teenager. And although the comment is similar to those that Adamari López received, due to certain dresses that she wore at the beginning of 2021, it is also true that in the case of Lili Estefan the fans are being friendly and not critical, quite the opposite. shown with Hoy Día’s host, whom heThey ask, and sometimes demand, that she dress more according to her age, and not with clothes, which according to these “critics” of social networks, are more suitable for her daughter Alaïa, than for herself.

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