Addison Rae reveals how much money she makes as a TikTok star and explains which videos she actually gets money for

Addison Rae.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Social networks have managed to turn young people into millionaire stars who a few years ago were true strangers, as is the case with Addison Rae, Tiktok’s influencer who has now begun to carve out a parallel career as an actress.

However, the second most followed user of the video platform, behind only Charli D’Amelio, She insists that people get an exaggerated idea of ​​the money they make based on the rumors they have heard about it. Along the same lines, he also wanted to remember that content creators charge based on the number of visits their videos receive, which means, as he has clarified, that his salary is directly related to his popularity.

“You only earn money if the video is sponsored”, has added in the podcast of his friend David Dobrik. In his case, the maximum amount that he has seen pay for a collaboration with a brand, which consisted of a single publication, has been $ 90,000 dollars, but he has not wanted to confirm if it was on his own channel.

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