Alejandra Guzmán again tested positive for COVID-19; have mild symptoms and are vaccinated

Alejandra Guzman He again tested positive for Covid-19, reported the singer’s management firm.

Through a statement, it was clarified that Guzmán, 53, has presented mild symptoms and also has his two vaccines against the disease.

“Alejandra is in good spirits, her symptoms are mild, but this is obviously quite a lot. Next week Alejandra will be isolated. She has asked us to clarify that a very handsome doctor is taking care of her ”, they pointed out.

It should be remembered that the interpreter of “My Worst Error” was close to her mother Silvia Pinal, who was also diagnosed a few weeks ago with coronavirus and is in recovery.

“As everyone knows, her mother is also recovering from Covid and Alejandra has been taking care of her as much as possible,” they maintained.

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