COVID in Jalisco: How can I make an appointment for a free coronavirus test?

COVID-19 infections have been increasing in recent days in Jalisco due to the omicron variant and after the December holidays, so the demand for tests has also been on the rise.

In Jalisco, free trials are offered if you call and make an appointment in advance.

There are two tests carried out: antigens, the results of which are released after 15 minutes, or PCR, which takes between 24 and 48 hours. These are assigned according to the symptoms of the people.

Where do I schedule my appointment for a free COVID test?

If you have any symptoms or had direct contact with someone infected, The University of Guadalajara performs the tests at no cost if you dial the callcenter to schedule an appointment. The number is 3335403001.

The second option is with the Ministry of Health that provides tests as well to those who call the following hotline 3338233220.

In these telephones the doubts that are generated about the COVID-19 disease and vaccination are also answered.

High demand for COVID tests

The UdeG reported that at the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS) Currently 260 daily tests are applied and next Monday there will be 1200.

The approximate wait time for appointments is two days.



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