Does Silvia Pinal have senile dementia? Management of Alejandra Guzmán clarifies it

At the end of last December, Silvia Pinal It worried the world of entertainment, because she had to be admitted to an emergency hospital where, after conducting studies, it was discovered that her health complications were due to the fact that she had been infected with coronavirus.

Fortunately a few days later, the doctors allowed her to go through the isolation at home, however, despite the fact that she had already gotten out of danger, this disease would not be the cause why her family is worried about her.

Alejandra Guzmán was approached by the media, who asked her about her mother’s health. The singer reiterated that the decision was made for Silvia to recover at home so that she would not be infected with something stronger, but would have inadvertently revealed that the 90-year-old actress has dementia.

“We are going to be isolated for 10 days. (We took her out of the hospital) because it is a danger to have her there, where she could catch something more dangerous and it was the doctor’s decision to bring her home, which gave her great joy and will help her dementia, because sometimes she was alone in the hospital ”, words that according to Alejandra’s management were misinterpreted.

“Clarification: Many stories are being commented on Doña Silvia, based on a misinterpretation of what Alejandra Guzmán said through the window of her car this week,” says the statement from the All Parts Move company, which aimed to inform that ‘La Guzmán’ “has once again tested positive for Covid.”

“What Alejandra tried to explain is that the effect of the Covid has made her feel disoriented at times, which is normal for someone her age. Doña Silvia is recovering at the moment, she is strong and the prognosis is good ”, clarified the bulletin, completely refuting that the first actress suffers from senile dementia.

It should be remembered that in 2018 rumors began to emerge about Silvia Pinal suffering from this condition, but Alejandra denied it, even, in October 2020, her son Luis Enrique Guzmán denied other versions, including that his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Regarding Alejandra’s positive Covid, it was only reported that “her symptoms are mild. Next week it will be isolated. She has asked us to clarify that a very handsome doctor is taking care of her ”. The first time the rocker contracted coronavirus was in March 2021.

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