Elderly woman was attacked by a bear while defending her pets in New Jersey

The bear didn’t like having someone around.

Photo: Vincent MA Janssen / Pexels

An 81-year-old woman was attacked by a bear while trying to save her dogs yesterday in New Jersey.

The woman told police officers that when she let her dogs out of her home in Sparta Township, a bear appeared and attacked one of his pets.

When she tried to remove her dog from the attacker’s clutches, the plantigrade scratched or bit her, as she was not sure, she told Fox News local police lieutenant Jeffrey McCarrick. Emergency medical workers treated her injuries and took her to Newton Medical Center.

Also “The patrols located the injured dog in the forest and transported him to the nearest animal hospital,” added McCarrick. “The state was notified Environmental Protection Department to help with the investigation ”.

Sparta is in the Sussex County, what’s wrong with it frequent sightings and encounters of bears with humans.


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