Elvis Crespo joked with his resemblance to Rosalía in a funny video

Elvis crespo

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The meringue Elvis Crespo has caused laughter on social networks due to the comparison that he himself has made for his resemblance to the Spanish singer Rosalía. And it is that with a funny tiktok that shows Crespo in principle and then the image turns into Rosalía, the artist has made fun of the similarity that they say that both musical interpreters have.

“OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: La @ rosalia.vt is not my daughter”Said the Puerto Rican merenguero.

On social media Comments have been made about the resemblance between the two and this time Crespo took the opportunity to give this funny example of that. and he has generated various comments on his Instagram account, a social network in which he only has more than 378 thousand followers who have been harvested since April 6, 2012, the date on which he opened the account.

The also merenguera Olga Tanón, who recently came under the eye of public opinion for her statements about Adamari López and all that that unleashed, commented on Crespo’s publication with many emojis that cry with laughter.

Alicia Machado, the former Venezuelan Miss Universe and winner of the first season of La Casa de Los Famosos, also commented on several of the funny laughing emoticons.

While the Illegal meringue group said: “I knew Crazy”

Other people assured that the resemblance is a lot and that they do not believe what he has said.

“Yes you saw your big daughter! They are identical! ”, “I do not believe you teacher”, “His daughter from another life”, “I think so but you are denying it” and “Hey, just like that! I did say … “Rosalia looks like someone to me!” are some of the comments that have left the merenguero.

On the first day of this year, Elvis Crespo published a video in which he reviews the previous year: “2021 was one full of emotions #elviscrespo # 2021 Welcome # 2022 # 2022goals”, he said.

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