Ex-con throws hot oil at his cousin and a minor while they sleep

Mother and son fight for their lives after a relative douses them with hot oil.

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Ohio police released 41-year-old Michael Lee Maloney was deprived of his liberty after he He poured hot oil on his cousin and her son while they slept.

Lee Maloney, who years ago had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter For beating up an old man, he now faces a new accusation for having attempted on the lives of Jayla Witt, 20, and Tobias Mata, 18 months.

According to the police, Jayla Witt allowed Lee Maloney to stay at her place for a while And on December 21, the defendant arrived at the residence and took advantage of the fact that his cousin and son were sound asleep to spray them with hot oil.

On the day of the attack Michael Lee Maloney had not been identified, however, police officers used clues to pinpoint and find the suspect; six days later he was arrested.

The little boy had to be induced into a coma

Although it is not known exactly what led Lee Maloney to commit this act, the victim’s father, James Witt, told police that days ago her daughter asked her cousin to move house which would have aroused the fury of the ex-con: “Jayla gave her a place to stay for a couple of nights because she is a kind-hearted girl. When she asked him to come, I’m sure that’s what made him angry and that’s why he did it. “

While Michael Lee Maloney is being held in a Butler County jail in Ohio, the victim, Jayla Witt, is hospitalized receiving medical attention in a specialized unit for people with burns, in addition, it is known that he has had to undergo several surgeries on his face and torso; the doctors indicated that the young woman will need more operations.

While little Tobias had to be induced into a coma, in addition to that he will be subjected to several surgeries and other medical actions so that he can survive.

“I don’t know what would go through someone’s mind to brutally hurt someone like that, much less my sister. It’s absolutely despicable, ”stated Sarah, the victim’s sister.

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