Increase in reward for information on 7-year-old New Hampshire girl who has been missing since 2019

Police remain hopeful of finding Montgomery alive.

Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

The reward for anyone with information about ehe whereabouts of a 7-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire girl who has been missing since 2019 has increased, since the authorities, local businessmen and anonymous persons, have contributed so that they exceed $ 30,000 dollars.

Manchester Crimeline offered $ 2,500 for the information on the whereabouts of Harmony Montgomery, while local business owners had raised the reward to $ 10,000, who announced Tuesday that they will double the amount, reported WMUR.

Having grandchildren the same age as this girl, we were struck by taking a step forward“Reported Dick Anagnost, a local business owner.

Therefore, the reward was increased to $ 20,000 dollars for whoever can contribute to the whereabouts of Montgomery, last seen in 2019, but his disappearance was notified last week.

In addition, two anonymous Massachusetts business owners offered a $ 10,500 reward, so it is currently at $ 33,000.

“The researchers must be a little crazy about the fact that the trail is ‘cold’ at this point after two years,” Anagnost noted.

Another Manchester businessman, Arthur Sullivan, stated that despite the fact that over time the result is not so favorable, They will wait, pray, and trust that the reward will help the child to return safely.

He added that when he contacted his partner, Shane Brady, in order to offer the reward and duplicate it, he did not hesitate to support.

“If a little extra money makes a difference, which we all know can make a difference in these cases, we are happy to do so,” said Sullivan.

Investigators searched the house where Harmony used to live, and although they didn’t say if they found any key leads, Police Chief Allen Aldenberg asked someone to come forward with information. “Help us find this girl. If you know something, do the right thing and call“.

So far, Manchester authorities have not notified who reported Montgomery’s disappearance, nor have they released the identities of the girl’s parents or guardians.

It was known that the investigators were in contact with the minor’s family and they have followed up on the tracks received.

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