“It’s a shame to be like this”: Neymar Jr. is attacked by a former PSG player for his undisciplined lifestyle [fotos]

Neymar’s night parties generate criticism in the Parque de los Príncipes.


Neymar Jr. is a target for criticism. The Brazilian star is not only insulted for making a terrible spoiler of the latest spider-man movie, is also questioned by its performance at Paris Saint-Germain, without leaving aside the criticism with “La Canarinha”. Injuries, parties and poor physical condition are some of the claims about “Ney”.

“How can we accept that from a player who still hasn’t played 50% of the games since the start of the season? It is less efficient. He gets old, he gains kilos without stopping, he does not have the right way of life; it’s a shame to be like this. When you are over 30, recovery is not going as well as at 25 and when you do foolish things you put yourself at risk in everything“, Expressed Jérome Rothen, former PSG player in an interview with RMC Sport.

“Ney” currently has a left ankle injury who has been suffering since November 2020. However, this was not an impediment for the footballer He will travel to Brazil to spend Christmas on Amazonian soil. The former footballer of the Parisian team blamed the club’s board for the loose reins that have been given to the former FC Barcelona.

“It is unacceptable from the club and I again blame the sporting director. It is he who decides everything. It is he who gives the go-ahead for Neymar to stay until January 9 and undergo treatment in Brazil. Never one of your players is treated abroad and less in his country. He is on vacation. This is not normal because the image of PSG still suffersRothen said.

Finally, the former player explained that the Brazilian star does nothing more than discredit the club’s image with its constant freedoms that are exhibited in the social networks of “Ney”.

“This is not normal because it is the image of PSG who suffers. Through Neymar’s nonsense on social networks, where he appears playing poker at parties. Now he is going to make videos lifting weights to say that he is preparing to return in February, “he concluded.

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