Ivy Queen has a new look and they tell her she looks like a Kardashian

Ivy Queen

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Ivy Queen has always turned heads with their looks and outfits. In this new year 2022, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer has generated hundreds of comments by showing her new and daring look that she has shared on her social networks.

“La caballota”, as the interpreter is also known, published a photograph where she shows off her hair in a pretty strong fuchsia color, wavy and below the shoulders.

“Where are you going honey? Pal supermarket I ran out of sofrito. Y without stir-fry there is no paradise !! Sandunga Borinqueña ”, wrote the Puerto Rican next to the image.

Wearing a fairly light cream colored dress, with slits at the waist and a purse the same color as her hair, Ivy Queen earned compliments from her fans on her Instagram account.

“Do not turn down a chin”, “Ivy the years are passing above. How youthful and beautiful ”, “Whether you are doing yourself or whoever is doing you but you look beautiful. I love all the looks you wear! ” Y “Wow my dear you are beautiful” are some of the comments that can be read.

However, in the publication that Suelta La Sopa made about the change of look of the artist of the urban genre one person compared her to nothing more and nothing less than the clan of the Kardashians sisters and the occasional comment that talks about its appearance.

I thought she was a long-lost sister to the Kardashians. “Said a user of the popular social network and generated several more comments.

“I thought the same, hahahahaha” and “It doesn’t look like Ivy queen anymore,” they added.

Ivy Queen has not been the only one in the artistic medium that changed her look to start a new year.

Belinda reflected on her hair and cut it off above the shoulders, while Angela Águilar debuted a long hair look which takes her away from her traditional shoulder-length hair style.

Clarissa Molina lightened her hair and made highlights, in addition Carolina Sandoval joined the redheads club before the end of 2021 and Danna Paola went back in time by dyeing her hair a dark color.

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