Jomari Goyso’s mother has her favorite in her son’s life and this is Ana Bárbara

Jomari Goyso.

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Y’all know that Jomari Goyso y Ana Bárbara they have a close friendship. They live in eternal love and hate, but no one doubts the love and loyalty with which they have embraced their relationship. And that there are many celebrities who profess their unconditional love and friendship.

Jacqueline Bracamontes, Carolina Sandoval, Francisca Lachapel, Michelle Salas, Danna García, Paz Vega, Mónica Cruz, Pamela Silva and so many more could be mentioned. But only Ana Bárbara is the favorite of the driver’s mother Salt and pepper. But beware that Luz García is also one of the favorites in the heart of Jomari’s “mother”.

In this conversation, yes, despite the beautiful revelations, the conversation began with warnings from her mother who were present, she did not want to talk about things from the past. But the feelings were put to the surface, because the mother recognized that the best thing for her is to see her son happy, but of course it hurts that he has to be away from her, not in Spain. She knows that Jomari’s happiness is in Miami. He also admitted that the horse, Dorado Goyso, is what motivates him in the extreme to return home.

As expected, Jomari’s mother revealed that the hardest thing for her continues to be goodbyes. But she recognizes them as a necessary evil, because they are given thanks to the fact that her son comes to visit her, a fact that fills her with great happiness.

Here you can see the complete conversation.

Here is a taste of how intense Jomari Goyso’s relationship with Ana Bárbara is.

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