More impunity

Mayor Juan José Frangie yesterday attacked the criminal justice system and incidentally against the deputies who are currently enjoying a three-week vacation period.

The municipality referred to the recent murder of a man who was traveling in a truck. He questioned that one of the attackers was a repeat offender who had already stolen from the drivers and users of public transport, but continued as if nothing on the streets. In other words, it is useless to stop them by the police, since they are soon released from prison.

He recalled the times when he was president of the Coparmex in Jalisco, when he requested changes in the Penal Code to prevent dangerous criminals from being released. Back in 2003, Frangie criticized the authorities for the murder of businessman Alejandro Cabrera, because the attacker had a history of two homicides and at least 12 assaults.

It is a one-off complaint, but after so many years and endorsed reforms in justice, paper laws and impunity go hand in hand.

* * *

And on health issues, while Jalisco authorities affirm that everything is under control in the pandemic, today a case is published that draws attention. This is Dr. Gabriela Carrillo, who went yesterday to the COVID-19 testing module of the University Center for Health Sciences to confirm that she had been infected with the new coronavirus.

That is not new. The highlight is that Gabriela confessed that it is the third time that she is infected, despite complying with all sanitary measures. Fortunately, he had already been vaccinated, so he avoided falling into a serious situation.

The moral is simple: get vaccinated with everything and reinforcement, because the virus is here to stay again and again.

* * *

By the way, the Health Board will define on January 14 if there are new restrictions in Jalisco, given the imminent rise in infections due to the December festivities. Although the authorities rule out confinements such as those applied in 2020, there are controversial issues that will be discussed: in which events or places the vaccination certificates or negative tests of the attendees are requested, as well as the eventual return to the classrooms.

What some experts are not convinced of is the version of the state government, in the sense that students are safer in schools than at home, so they would return to classrooms on January 17.

Waiting for the meeting.


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