Oriol Reull (Roots): “The future is sustainable or it is not, and eating from a young age is the key to building it”

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Today’s society faces global challenges such as the population growth, climate emergency and energy transition, processes that cannot be approached with guarantees if it is not hand in hand with technology, innovation and science.

Food does not escape this reality either since, without a more sustainable production model, it will be difficult to guarantee the livelihood of all the inhabitants of the planet without generating some irreparable adverse effects for the continuity of our social and economic paradigm.

The report Fooduristic’22. The 50 people who are leading the future of food, promoted and produced by KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, collects for the first time the vision of the main world figures who are leading the paradigm shift in the sector with their innovations and who have worked for the last year in the KM ZERO Squad.

Beatriz Jacoste, director of KM ZERO; Raul Martín, CEO of KM ZERO and Ángel Niño, Madrid Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the presentation of the report.

These leaders conclude that the sector must transform to respond to current challenges and lay the foundations for the food of the future. But what will this diet be like? The answer is unanimous: “traceable, nutritious, regenerative, personalized and carbon neutral”.

“To carry out a change of such magnitude it is essential to establish synergies with startups agritech Y foodtech that offer the most advanced and agile solutions to all these objectives “, has highlighted Beatriz Jacoste, director of KM ZERO, during the presentation of the report.

Impact investment in ‘foodtech’ and ‘agritech’

In fact, one of the main conclusions is that impact investing is increasingly focused on sectors agritech Y foodtech, and the interest already includes projects that contribute disruption in the entire agri-food chain.

These are solutions in the field for soil regeneration and smart agriculture to technologies such as artificial intelligence or robotics applied to the improvement of industrial processes.

The report is structured in ten chapters based on interviews with the 50 participants that reflect mainly on what the food of the future will be like and on topics ranging from the creation of a new generation of complementary proteins in the fight against food waste.

D + I has collected the reflections of one of these leaders. Is about Oriol Reull, CEO of Roots Mindfoodness, foodtech that leads the ecological infant feeding in our country; specifically, it is aimed at babies from the mother’s pregnancy to two years of age.

Innovative foods exhibited at the Fooduristic'22 presentation in Madrid.

Innovative foods exhibited at the Fooduristic’22 presentation in Madrid.

Oriol Reull arrives at this project with a backpack loaded with experience and other disruptive outreach initiatives. It previously launched the project in Spain Too Good to Go, an app to end food waste in the world.

The entrepreneur is clear: “The future is in the smallest, who will build tomorrow. We must inspire, educate and empower new generations so that they understand current problems and know the necessary tools to bring about change “, Reull tells D + I.

In this endeavor, solutions such as those provided by Roots Mindfoodness contribute to building the new era that is knocking at the door. “The future is sustainable or it is not. Proposals like ours are at the epicenter of change by consumers, not just in a environmental sustainability, but also social, cultural and even family“, asserts the businessman.

Time is short and, according to the CEO of Roots, the pandemic has slowed down some progress that it is urgent to resume. “The covid has taken from the most urgent priorities some environmental battles that are critical, and we have a duty as a society and as companies to put them back on the agenda. “

Feeding in the first 1,000 days of life

Roots Mindfoodness is based on a personalized nutrition for the most important period of our life in terms of human development.

Their products are made by nutritionists following scientific recommendations and offer weekly packs of prepared meals that contain the necessary nutrients for the correct growth of babies in their first thousand days of life.

“We can boast of working only with clean labels, no additives or preservatives, where the only ingredients are fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat and fish, nuts and seeds “, Reull emphasizes.

“We are at an exciting time, as well as very intense, to reach as many families as possible. We are sowing a seed of change for many households, which were halfway between market solutions that did not fit them and the difficulty to make baby food at home, “adds the CEO.

Healthy baby food just one click away

In fact, their customers are becoming your best ambassadors. “We have a lot to do to reach many more homes, but we make a very positive balance since where we have arrived, we have left a mark.”

Ultimately, Roots relies on technology and digitization to achieve its goals. “We want to ensure that all those families who want a balanced, healthy and sustainable food is just one click away“.

“We have the responsibility as a company to disclose about consumption and purchase habits that favor the smallest and in turn, the planet, “he adds.


The new edition of this report has been presented at CentroCentro, a cultural space of the Madrid City Council located in the Palacio de Cibeles, within the framework of the exhibition ‘The City of the Future: from the Garden to the Table’, and has had the Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Madrid, Ángel Niño; the founder and CEO of Blendhub, Henrik Stamm; and Juan Llorca, Executive Chef of Valencia Montessori School and recognized ‘influencer’ of infant feeding, among others.


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