This is how Raphy Pina sang birthday to one of her children after having tested positive for covid-19

Natti Natasha y Raphy Pina

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

RaPhy Pina has shared part of the birthday celebration of one of her children, in the midst of the contagion of covid-19 that both he and Natti Natasha, and two of the businessman’s adolescent children, are living at this time.

“Un COVIDBIRTHDAY with my brothers I say, my CHILDREN. Those of you who have confidence with your children like ME “, wrote the music industry businessman and partner of Natti Natasha in the video where they sing Chingui birthday, as his son is known, speak clearly.

With everyone wearing masks, they interpreted the birthday song before a simple cake that rested on a kitchen counter and before the impossibility of blowing the cake, due to covid-19, Chingui blew out the candles using his hands and turning on the small flame that arose from them.

“We love you CHINGUI Right now I lend you the Boat to celebrate when the CO passesAT #happybirthdaychingui”, Added Raphy Pina in the video that so far has garnered more than 594,554 views.

With this message, the family announced that they tested positive for the virus.

“We responsibly want to notify you that Natalia Gutiérrez, Rafael Pina, Antonio Pina and Mía Pina tested positive for Covid-19. Both Rafael Jr and Vida are currently very well and under strict supervision and we are pending any changes in their health. Please, those people who have been close to us in the past 48 hours, we ask that you do the test and isolate yourself in quarantine. The COVID pandemic can touch anyone so don’t lower your guard, protect yourself and put on your booster vaccine 🙏🏼 We love you ”

Recently the music entrepreneur was convicted of illegal possession of weapons by a federal convict, reason for which must wear electronic shackle which showed without any taboo and comply with house arrest until April 1, 2022, the date on which the final verdict of your case will be known.

Raphy Pina faces up to 10 years in prison. When he showed his shackle, he said: “I already worked for the next 30 years, now I only think about contributing and continuing to grow as a human being. What if we do #you have a minute? What other project do you want to see? Featuring (collaborations)? Tell me that I am brainstorming here at the Office ”.

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