Waitress complains that a customer tipped an Amazon gift card instead of money

The video has sparked a heated debate among users about the poor practices that customers have when tipping in restaurants. (Image for illustrative purposes only).

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A TikTok user has gone viral by showing his annoyance in a video after a customer tipped him a $ 25 Amazon gift card instead of giving you cash.

The clip was published by the user @kaittwest with the phrase: “The holidays left us #banked”.

In the video of an unknown restaurant, it can be seen that the customer’s bill amounted to $ 95.24. But when it came time to tip, the customer offered a gift card instead of hard cash.

“He asked if he could tip with an Amazon gift card,” the video can read.

Since its publication, the video has had more than 85,000 views and almost 20,300 likes. The clip is accompanied by the song “SpongeBob Sad Song Steel Lick”.

The video has sparked a heated debate among users about tipping practices in restaurants.

Some people praised the customer’s generosity, saying that a tip of $ 25 is actually well over 20% of the $ 17.19 they were entitled to give..

“That’s really very generous,” said one user.

“As a waitress I would love to! $ 25 that’s more than 20%, ”another person noted in the comment section.

But nevertheless, other users complained that the gift cards don’t pay the bills. “As a waitress, I need paid bills, not Amazon (cards)”said one person.

“People really go out to eat when they don’t have money,” another person complained.

TikTok users have been posting videos exposing customers’ bad tipping habits. They recently criticized a customer who couldn’t afford to pay a 20% tip at an Applebee’s.

The bill from Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar in Staten Island showed that the customer left a 9% tip. However, the check was for $ 73.45 and the restaurant was asking for a tip of 18% ($ 12.14) or 20% ($ 13.49).

In the end, the customer only left $ 6.55 along with a note that said, “You were great. Holidays are difficult at the moment ”.

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