Yuliett Torres shows off her curves from the beach with a flossing swimsuit at the bottom

Yuliett torres She continues to garner infinities of followers on social networks who spend her time sighing for her beauty, where, in addition, she constantly shares content that shows why she is one of the most desired models today.

A few days ago, the native of Guadalajara, Mexico, raised the temperature of her 9.4 million Instagram fans through a series of photographs in which she had no qualms about showing off her curves from the beach, clad in a tight metallic swimsuit that barely covers her groin and hips because in the lower part it is a dental floss.

“2021 for me was a year of growth, learning full of work and happiness and I keep all the good things I learned so that 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ is much better. HAPPY YEAR I wish you a lot of health, prosperity and blessings🙏🏻 ”, it reads on the postcards that have 159 mil likes and a flood of nearly 1,600 comments.

“You are really perfect ❤️❤️”, “Beautiful legs and butt 🍑🍑” and “Woman’s delight 🔥🔥” were some of the compliments.

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Yuliett Torres often uses these types of daring swimsuits to delight her fans and highlight her charms. Just take a look at the modelito color nude that he wore in a previous session of four heartbreaking images.

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