15-year-old Michigan shooting author was fascinated with Nazi guns and propaganda: prosecutors

Ethan Crumbley opened fire at a Michigan school where four students were killed.


Ethan Crumbley, the perpetrator of the Michigan Oxford High School Massacre, he was “fascinated with Nazi weapons and propaganda”prosecutors said Friday during a hearing in which a judge refused to lower the $ 500,000 bond for the 15-year-old’s parents.

“I buy one nazi amazon coin and kept it in view in his bedroom, “prosecutor Marc Keast told the judge. “A notebook recovered from the family home was recovered. It seemed to have been shared by all members of the house, as it showed Nazi symbols on one page and a shopping list on another, “he added.

The prosecutor also said that Ethan asked his parents “when could I go shoot” and “bragged about how he had been asking for a 9mm pistol.” Also, having a notebook in plain sight in the Crumbley house with images of firearms, as well as torturing animals.

The evidence, the prosecutor said, added up to a “disturbing” combination; the parents “did not intervene,” scheduled therapy, or kept all their weapons secured.

Later, the prosecution repeated old accusations that Crumbley’s parents bought the 9mm pistol allegedly used in the shooting from school specifically for Ethan.

Defense attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman appeared at the hearing virtually. Lehman said prosecutors made “false, misleading and irrelevant statements” in response to a defense request to reduce the couple’s bond.

The state’s motion, filed as part of a prosecution for involuntary manslaughter Against the duo, he accuses the pair of not heeding the warning signs that their son was likely to cause harm.

Lehman asked that the bond be lowered to $ 100,000. The defense said that each of Crumbley’s parents would agree to use a GPS monitor should he be released.

Ethan Crumbley’s parents tried to elope

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald immediately noted that the defendants were at risk of flight, especially given the way they were arrested.

During the hearing, Jennifer and James Crumbley seemed pronounce words and make hand gestures in an apparent attempt to communicate.

Citing the defendants’ ties to Florida, the apparent attempt to flee rather than turn themselves in, the failure to respond to calls from their own attorney, and the withdrawal of significant cash reserves prior to their arrest, the judge ordered that the amount of the bail for the defendants, set at $ 500,000 each.

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