An MSC cruise ship with several positives on board docks in Barcelona

The cruise MSC ‘Grandiosa’ has docked this Saturday in the port of Barcelona With several positive for covid on board, from Palma de Mallorca, after landing other infected in France and Italy during previous stops.

As reported by TV-3, in the Catalan capital they have landed 11 crew members infected with the virus and 4 passengers, although MSC sources consulted by Efe have not specified whether they have been positive.

Balearic Islands media reported yesterday, Friday, that 15 infected passengers disembarked in Palma.

The ship He was already on January 1 in Barcelona, made a stopover at Marseille (France)Later, he passed through Italy and, after a stop in Palma, arrived in Barcelona this Saturday.

The Maltese health authorities did not allow the cruise ship to visit that territory.

Periodic tests

MSC’s protocol requires passengers and crew to be vaccinated against the virus and to undergo a test before boarding, to which more periodic tests are added, according to the company.

“Thanks to the stricter application of this protocol – and as expected in light of the most recent evolution of the global pandemic on land – we continue to identify a limited number of cases among passengers and crew on board our ships, “the shipping company said in a statement.

“This shows that our protocol is effective, as it allows us to identify, isolate and care for people and their close contacts, and protects all other passengers, crew and communities that visit our ships,” he adds.

The positives detected on board disembark in the ports where the ship arrives, where later must quarantine, in accordance with the regulations of each country, whose expenses are borne by compulsory insurance.

In addition, several passengers have denounced on social networks that despite being negative they have not let them disembark and visit the cities where the cruise stops, unless the stop is the destination of your trip.

Testimony of a passenger

Núria Valcárcel, a passenger who embarked on the cruise on January 1 in Barcelona, ​​has been in Marseille since January 2 after testing positive in one of the tests carried out by the company.

“They gave us our suitcases and left us in Marseille. The problem is that they never gave us no explanation“He has denounced in a telephone conversation with EFE from the hotel where the quarantine is being carried out.

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Valcárcel explains that no test has been carried out since day 2 to confirm the positive, despite the fact that he requested it, and adds that he does not know for sure, when seven days after the positive and therefore ends the quarantine period If the contracted insurance will allow you to return to Barcelona, ​​where you run a bar.

“It is a situation of much uncertainty“, he regrets, while thanking the work carried out by the Spanish consular service in the French city.

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