Argimon foresees that Catalonia will reach the peak of infections “in a week or 10 days”

The ‘Minister’ of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Josep Maria Argimon, has said that it endorses the new protocol announced by the Government to confine the classrooms but criticizes “the ways” in which it has been communicated, which he considers not serious.

He said it in an interview in Rac1 collected by Europa Press this Saturday, the day after the Public Health Commission had agreed do not quarantine the entire classroom when there are up to four positives or less than 20% of the students infected with the objective of guarantee presence in classrooms.

The ‘minister’ has expressed the disagreement of the Generalitat on how this decision has been made, since it has been announced four days after the meeting of the Interterritorial Council to address this same question: “They are not ways of doing it,” he said.

“This cannot be taken on a Friday at noon, ending at 10 at night and not having a document,” said Argimon, who asked if the co-governance with the Government it does not work has answered that this it can be improved.

He has pointed out the importance of communication and that there are professionals who criticize “learning about protocols from the press,” although he has stated verbatim that he agrees with the new measures of the protocol and that he does not question its substance.

Test with only one case

Despite the state recommendation not to perform diagnostic tests on close contacts of a positive case of covid-19 in schools, the ‘minister’ has stated that Catalonia will continue to do a test with only one positive in the classroom.

He also stressed that “the schools of Catalonia and Spain” remained open at the end of the Christmas holidays last year, something that he attributes to the efforts of the educational and health community, and has ensured that current measures will guarantee the opening of schools .

Transition period

Regarding the evolution of covid-19, he explained that infections are increasing at a slower pace and that the transmission speed is low, but he foresees that Catalonia will reach the contagion peak “in a week or ten days.”

For the ‘minister’, Catalonia is now beginning a transition period after the high incidence of omicron variant, although it has warned that there are still some 500 people admitted to the ICU for the same disease, “something that had never happened before.”


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Asked if the patients who come to the CAP for issues related to covid-19 prevent other pathologies from being treated, he replied that primary care has registered 73,000 visits this week due to coronavirus, double the number registered the same week in 2019: ” They make a brutal effort that people don’t see. “

On the other hand, he has warned of the need to reinforce the training of medical and nursing professionals to guarantee generational change, a task “that cannot be done in days” and that if it is not addressed will generate problems in a period of time. 5 years, according to the ‘minister’.

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