Brisbane man who won $ 60 million on Powerball plans to collect his prize and keep working

A man from Australia won the Powerball jackpot and now he will fulfill several of his wishes.

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Anyone who won the jackpot in the lottery would surely have among their plans to stop working and go to travel the world. But for a player from Brisbane, Australia, who made $ 60 million (about $ 43.09 million US), among his new goals is to continue working.

The new millionaire received a happy year thanks to the lottery, because his numbers: 15, 5, 28, 20, 29, 34, 27 and the Powerball 8, were the correct ones to win the jackpot of the draw, News Com Au published.

The Lott said it made several calls to the winner, a Brisbane man in his 30s, until he finally answered the phone. to find out since he was $ 60 million richer.

“Dude, this is incredibly unreal, ”exclaimed the winner. “I think anyone who receives this information would think it is surreal. It’s just amazing. “

“There is a massive impact factor. You always daydream, but you never expect it to happen. After all, it is a lottery! ” said the winner. “I know you have confirmed it, but initially, when I saw this on The Lott app, I thought it had to be a problem or a glitch in the system. Surely I have not made just $ 60 million. “

The young man from Brisbane told Lott that his money will help many people and that among his plans is to buy his first home and have many vacations, in addition “I still plan to go to work in 2022 too!”he said convinced.

News Com Au reports that last year around this time, a trader made $ 30 million (about $ 21 million US dollars) and that he changed her life, though not in a good way.

The former merchant said that the experience became his life motto: “Winning the lottery doesn’t make you happier, it just makes your life easier.”

The new rich explained: “If you are not happy and want to win the lottery (to change that), you will be terribly wrong”.

The man assures that several “strange” experiences happened to him when he told friends and family about his new millionaire status.

He says that people came from everywhere assuring that they knew him and people who had not seen him for a long time looked for him out of interest, in addition to that there was no shortage of those who distanced himself because they did not take well that he was now rich.

Man is no longer a merchant and enjoy not having to get up at 4 in the morning like you used to. Today he works a maximum of 25 hours a week in the entertainment industry to “pass the time.”

He bought a house for himself, as well as a vacation home, a boat and a used car: “I still like to go out and have a drink with friends, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on an expensive car”Said the man with his feet on the ground.

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