Champion of America reveals his suicide attempt: “I was about to jump on the train, but they grabbed my shirt”

Emanuel Mammana won the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana with River Plate.

Photo: ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP / Getty Images

Emanuel Mammana, champion of the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana with River Plate, is one step away from returning to the millionaire team. In a recent interview for Radio La Red, the Argentine defender he reported that he was close to killing himself.

“All those who lost parents know how tough it is. I wanted to commit suicide, I was about to do something crazy. I was about to go to training, after two months had passed in which I did not want to know anything more. I went alone to take the train, I saw it coming and I was about to throw myself, ”Mammana said.

But one person saved him at the last minute: “They grabbed me by the neck of my shirt and they threw me against the wall. I don’t know who that person is, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart, saved my life. Today I have my family and my children. My parents would not have wanted that ”.

“I tried to kill myself twice”

Two years ago, in an interview for the newspaper Ole, Mammana also confessed that leaving football and committing suicide passed through her mind: “I wanted to do it twice. It was very difficult, very difficult. It was two or three months that cost me a lot. But, Despite the pain, I was able to go out ”.

Following the death of his parents, he indicated that River Plate helped him out of the abyss: “I realized that at home They had fought so hard for me to get there... that I could not throw everything away because of that sadness. I had to fulfill my dad’s dream: he wanted me to reach the first division ”.

“The day of my dad’s funeral Three large combis arrived with boys from all the lower ranks, the street was full, “he said. For this moment, Emmanuel was 15 years old. When his mom passed away I was barely a child of six.

The defender made the leap to Europe in 2016, when he signed for Lyon. A year later he arrived at Zenit, in exchange for 16 million euros ($ 18 million). In 2020 he went on loan to Sochi. Now 25 years old, he is ready to return to River Plate, where he conquered America.

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