Chiquis talks about Jenni Rivera, says he misses her and shares an unpublished video

Chiquis Rivera has shared unpublished images of her mother, the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, and has declared that she misses her and that being by her side, being her assistant and working alongside her, was her favorite place.

This post in which Chiquis thanks her mother for teaching her to work It arrives in the middle of the controversy that surrounds the Rivera family due to the accusations of the same Chiquis accused Rosie Rivera of hiding robberies in one of Jenni Rivera’s companies and the break between Lupillo and his brothers Juan and Rosie.

“I share with you this unpublished video that describes how long we already were and we continue to be a team. There I began to form the woman I am today. Thank you mommy, for teaching me to work, go upside down and be productive in everything. You were a tough teacher, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Being your assistant and working by your side was my favorite place to be. I miss you, ”he said.

In the video, “La Diva de la Banda” is seen getting ready, putting on earrings and searching among the objects she has on a hotel room. There, Chiquis is seen helping him with whatever he needs.

These are some of the comments that Chiquis has left in this memory of his mother:

“You had the best example and today you are the strong woman you are because you had a great teacher, your mommy “

“Your mommy is super proud of the great heart you have and the strength you have to take care of your siblings and keep their legacy alive! Blessings Bella “

“God bless her soul. No wonder you are a warrior. If you were already preparing for this without realizing it. Love you @chiquis you are a great example for everyone. Never give up ”.

A few months ago, Chiquis also sent an emotional message to her mother, on the 12th birthday of her niece Jaylah Hope, daughter of her sister Jacqie. In that text that she shared on her Instagram account, Chiquis assured that Jenni Rivera had never seen her mother so in love as when she saw her with Jaylah Hope.

“My Jaylah Hope: Thank you for coming into our life 12 years ago and turning it around for the better. You made wela Jenni so happy. I’ve never seen her so in love before, “he said in that post.

Also, in the comments of the post he added: “I miss my mom and Jacob Yebale so much that it hurts.”

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